Tent Shipping Policy and Checklist


1. Take your time, use care and follow the instructions when packing the tent. This will prolong tent life and minimize damage during transport. Note any damage to the tent or the case – or missing parts or documentation – on the Tent Tracking Master Sheet.

2. If the tent or case is torn, ripped or damaged, please send photo(s) and brief description to Dallas Coffman at financial@verizon.net for evaluation before shipping.

3. Tent damage will be repaired at the expense of the person(s) or entity deemed responsible.

4. Please be sure all fields in the Tent Tracking Master Sheet are complete and accurate.
If a particular field does not apply, please put NA in that field. More detail is always good.

5. Please compare the cost of using UPS vs. personally transporting the tent. Depending upon conditions, it may be less expensive to use either method. For less than 125 miles, driving may be less expensive. For longer distances, UPS may be less expensive. If the cost difference is minimal, please consider driving to minimize damage risk.

6. Avoid weekend and holiday pickup and delivery at all times without prior written approval.
Shipping will be via UPS Ground (typically 2 day delivery) without prior written approval.

7. For UPS shipping, please contact Dallas Coffman who will create the discounted waybill.

  • 781-246-0902 Office
  • financial@verizon.net
  • 617-901-0611 Cellular

Kindly include dates and both shipping & receiving addresses when requesting a waybill.
Use UPS drop off sites for both pickup and delivery if they are within a reasonable distance.
Click here to locate UPS drop off sites for shipping and delivery to evaluate cost savings.

8. Please schedule shipping to arrive at least five (5) days ahead of the next planned event.

9. Responsibility for UPS shipping costs will be verified before issuing the waybill.

10. Generally, all UPS billing and payments will be processed internally by Dallas Coffman, Regional Treasurers and Hugh Blocker, ED Treasurer.

11.  Before transferring custody of the tent, please complete all fields on the Chain of Custody Form for your tent. This form will document that custody and responsibility have been transferred to another Patroller. It is vital to record the transfer because EASTERN DIVISION will hold the last party on our chain of custody list responsible for locating or replacing the tent.

Thank you for taking good care of our equipment.

We appreciate it!


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