How To Safely Setup the Tent

The video shows the process.  Your objective is to set up the tent safely in the weather conditions expected for the day!

Before Beginning Checklist

Evaluate predicted weather and always have a Plan B ready to go, just in case!  Before you begin, you will need:

  1. At least two and up to four (4) patrollers or bystanders
    Four (4) tie-downs such as tent stakes with rope, up to twelve (12) 8” cable zip ties,
  2. Up to eight (8) screws (for wood deck placement) with screw-gun, and/or
  3. Four (4) sand bags (50 pounds per each tent corner), buckets or other weights (See the attached file for how to make a set of excellent weights for each tent leg.)
  4. You can optionally tie-down tent legs to a vehicle or other immobile object if practical
  5. A table for swag and pamphlets. The NSP tablecloth will accommodate a 10’ long table.
  6. Clamps, weights or elastics to prevent swag, stickers & pamphlets from blowing away
  7. Blue painters tape (Do not use duct tape! It will stain the aluminum frame!)

Tent Setup Checklist

  1. Carefully remove the tent from the shipping container and stand upright on the metal legs. The vinyl tent canopy should be attached to the metal frame. Place the tent frame in the center of an open and clear space at least 15’ x 15’ square. Do not expand the tent yet.
  2. With one Patroller or bystander at each tent corner, firmly grasp each of the four (4) corner posts at waist level and shoulder height and pull the tent away from the center in unison.  Gently pull until the top of the tent is at a uniform height (not all the way up yet).  You can ease raising the tent by gently shaking the aluminum frame.
  3. Step on the foot of each leg and raise continue raising each corner until the thumb lock snaps into place.
  4. Continue stepping on the foot of each leg and raise each of the bottom leg sections to the 3rd thumb lock or other suitable height.
  5. Adjust and secure the four (4) Velcro® tie-downs holding the vinyl canopy to the frame.
  6. Secure each tent leg with tent stakes to the ground if possible (do not use stakes during winter or on snow).  If the tent will stand on a wood deck, you can optionally screw each foot to the deck with drywall screws and a poer screw gun.  During winter, use sand bags, buckets or anchor to a vehicle or other immobile object.  For multiple tents placed side-by-side, you may want to use cable zip ties to attach the tent legs together.
  7. Avoid hanging heavy objects from the unsupported sections (middle) of the tent frame.
  8. Before unpacking the rear backdrop, be sure to evaluate predicted wind conditions.  If more than a light, gentle breeze is predicted, DO NOT use the rear backdrop.

Tent Take-Down Checklist

  1. When disassembling, first remove all signage, backdrop and all objects hanging from the tent frame. Then release the four (4) Velcro® tie-downs from the top of the frame.  Remove the tent weights or stakes only after four helpers are positioned to handle each of the four corner.
  2. Then reverse the Setup procedure Found above.  It is important to leave the tent canopy attached to the aluminum tent frame.  Do Not REmove Tent Canopy from the center frame!  While collapsing the tent, remove any debris that might have collected on the canopy top or the aluminum frame.

If the tent canopy is wet, you should move it to a suitable location (garage, barn, shed, etc.) where it can be expanded and dried. DO NOT STORE A WET TENT!

Avoid using the shipping container unless the tent will be shipped by common carrier (UPS, FEDEX, etc.). If the tent will be transferred from patroller to patroller and moved by private vehicles, best practice is not to use the shipping container. This will minimize wear-and-tear on both the tent and the shipping container. Packing and unpacking the tent from the shipping container will accelerate damage to the tent and shipping container.

Questions..? Do you Detect Damage..?

Direct questions and promptly report any and all tent damage, take cell phone photos, contact us and we will help you send the pictures…

Please click the Yellow CHAIN OF CUSTODY button to move responsibility of the tent to the next Patroller who is accepting custody.  The form is simple and can be done on your smartphone.

Thank you for doing your part!

Safety Tent Requisition Form

Tent Shipping Policy and Checklist