Safety Tent Requisitions

The EASTERN DIVISION SAFETY COMMITTEE manages five (5) NSP/ED branded tents – one for each of our five (5) zones.

These tents promote NSP/ED sanctioned events with consistent branding throughout the division.
The tents are commercial grade, self-standing pop-up tents with NSP and ED logos. They were purchased new in 2019.  They are designed to be staked to the ground outdoors or guy-wired with weight on a flat snow or platform surface.  Please be aware that during windy conditions, the tents must be firmly anchored.

Please consult the Tent Shipping Policy and Checklist and How to Safely Setup the Tent instructions below for details.

If your NSP ED Region or Patrol wants to request a tent, please click the Request a Tent button below on the left.

To view the current tent schedule for availability, please scroll down to the Tent Scheduling Calendar below.  Please keep in mind that we have only a single tent per zone at this time.

Safety Tent Requisition Form

Tent Shipping Policy and Checklist

How To Safely Setup the Tent


Tent Scheduling Calendar

Please use the horizontal scroll bar to review tent availability prior to making requests: