Division Leadership Information

Eastern Division administration asks for the help of all leadership members to keep Division and Region data up-to-date.  If you know of a change at any level, Advisors, Patrol Representatives or Section Chiefs, please use the forms below to send in an update request.

Region Leadership Change Notification

Patrol Director Change Notification

Contact Division Admin Staff Members

How to View Data. . .

An RD or a designated Region Administrator can review Eastern Division’ Leadership and PD Records. RD’s should annually review the individuals within their Regions for accuracy and use the notification buttons above to send the updated information.  The info found in Divisions Leadership Database was designed to provide RD’s and their leadership with the information necessary to pursue regional and division-based initiatives.  The goal is to provide everyone who needs accurate information with a place to contact peers and leaders working on projects.

The Leadership Contact Data is displayed in a Flat-File Collaborative Database similar to a spreadsheet, called GRID VIEW.  To get maximum utility from viewing the information, RA’s get to utilize the following features:

  1. GRID VIEW = the classic row by row spreadsheet of information
  2. CARD VIEW = used when you need contact information on any individual in the database
  3. SORT ROWS… = right click on any column heading and re-sort the entire view to suit your needs
  4. FILTER… = should be used after sorting the sheet, it can be used to eliminate all the info of non-interest
  5. HIGHLIGHT CHANGES = can be used when collaborating with Steering who updates and corrects information
  6. PRINT = printing snapshots of the data relevant to the operation of your region staff is available
  7. EXPORT… = the data can be exported for use in the region, but remember that all exports are “Unofficial,” use this feature with care
  8. NOTIFICATION = notifications can be crafted so that Steering updates will be emailed immediately on a per change basis

If anything is missing, or you find inaccuracies, please contact the Division Administrator by email.  The Eastern Division Administrator in charge of maintaining the records will all receive your submission.

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