“Eastern Division NSP” is starting out as a website property for management event information.  Thre division maintains two other website properties for membership benefits:

  1. NSPeast.ORG is the traditional membership information website
  2. PatrollerSchool.ORG is Eastern Division’s new educational courses event website

Eastern’s Management Events is not meant to attract a large volume of traffic because it is intended for the organization’s managers and staff members to have a place to keep current with meeting activities.  Time will tell how much business the division begins to move to digital oriented services.  Organizing, automating and managing meetings is the beginning, as digital technologies continue evolving, more features will be added to this platform.

Eastern Division is spread out over a very large distance.  Our members from Maryland often drive six hours to attend meetings.  Pittsburg Pensylvania members drive seven.  Its a 14-hour drive between the two furthest ski resort patrol units:  Canaan Valley West Virginia to Saddleback Maine.  We cover a broad span of the Northeastern United States, look at the Live Weather Radar image in the right-hand sidebar, and you get an appreciation for how large NSP’s most significant member division might be.

Advisors, Instructor Trainer’s, program staff members, all working hard to educate Ski Patrollers and NSP members — attend planning and management meetings both offseason and during the winter months.   Many are in-person meetings, many are conducted by telephone conference and now, gaining popularity, are video and remote computer desktop conferences.  As technology changes, Eastern Division’s digital services are changing to keep up.  The goal of this website is to accommodate meeting and event technology for Eastern Division’s needs.